“We never dream completely, are never completely awake. I’m not convinced it’s all a dream” – La Reve, Cirque du Soleil

About five hours drive from San Diego lies Las Vegas. A kaliedoscope of casinos and lights the city shimmers in the Navada desert louring people from far and wide to the wonderfully crazy world of entertainment. The wealth in this place is mind blowing and the size of the casinos is unbelievable! And trust me, walking from one to the next is further than it looks!

There is much more to do here than gamble and party. You will never be lost for something to do in this insane place at any time of day. From delicious buffets (Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan is delicious and great value for money – make sure to do the brunch!) to shopping, to the rides ontop of the Stratosphere and the incredible number of shows. Cirque du Soleil’s water show La Reve at The Wynn is an incredible display of strength and creativity and is highly recommended. And from one who has seen a number of the traveling Cirque shows, I am sure any of their other seven Vegas shows are wonderful too!

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Some Vegas tips:

– Visit some of the older parts of Vegas to check out the wedding chapels and older less flashy casinos (they also have much cheaper tables to play on and better odds)

– If you are going from one end of the strip to the other in a cab, tell them to take the back road. It will cost you a lot less!

– If you have a car, head out off the main drag to The Foot Spa for an amazing and cheap massage.

– Most of the casinos offer free overnight parking even if you are not a guest, sooo park your campervan there and snooze away (you didn’t hear this from me)

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PS. We totally saw Mike Tyson in the Bellagio!