“My Mama always told me that miracles happen every day. Some people don’t think so, but they do.” – Forrest Gump

Savannah was a cool place! It was also so freezing cold that the fountains were frozen! But it made for some fun photos. The historic district contains 22 squares, some large and some small. One has been made famous by a visit from Forrest Gump, some are great for picnics and some have historical monuments in the centre. The Universe Trading Company antique shop on Martin Luther King Boulevard is definitely worth a visit to check out the most bizarre collection of antique items, including life-sized dinosaurs! Down by the river there is a great collection of stores selling hand-made salt water taffy and honey products as well as a number of restaurants and cafes. There is also a free ferry that takes you across the river which gives you a nice view of the city from the water!

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