“If you can’t fly then run,

If you can’t run then walk,

If you can’t walk then crawl,

But whatever you do,

you must keep moving forward” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Memphis, Tennessee is an interesting mix of history, music and southern style food. It is a place where the struggle of the south is still apparent with radically differing neighborhoods intertwined with each other. So whether you are here for the history or the music and food, even if you just have a day (like we did) it is worth a visit.

Sitting up on a hill, the Graceland mansion is still preserved the way it looked back in the day of Elvis Presley, both inside and out. The taste is eclectic, gaudy but tasteless and somehow still impressive. Green carpet on the ceiling? bright yellow vinyl sofas? It’s got it all. Despite the overpriced entry to Graceland, it was one of those things I felt like I just couldn’t miss. I did actually learn a fair bit about Elvis and that he was a lot more than the famous singer in a white flared-legged jump suit.

The National Civil Rights Museum is housed in the Lorraine Motel, the location where the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr was fatally shot on April 4, 1968. The museum is gut wrenching, extremely detailed and is worth every second of you time. There are many Civil Rights museums scattered through southern USA. This is the one to go to.

If you are feeling a bit morose after visiting the museum head to 2nd street which is where all the food and music action happens for a bit of a pick me up. Grab some BBQ pork, pecan pie and a glass of wine and enjoy the live music playing at several venues.

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Memphis tips:

– You have to pay to park at Graceland (which I thought was ridiculous as it was already expensive to go there), but you can park in nearby streets and walk on over.

– Find a local diner and try the spicy chicken wings. You will not be disappointed!

– We didn’t visit Sun Studios, but I hear it is worth a visit for the Rock and Roll origin enthusiast!