“Who lives sees, but who travels sees more” – Arab proverb

So technically this wasn’t part of the roadtrip but I ducked off to Salt Lake City for the annual AAEP Convention (American Association of Equine Practitioners). If there are any equine vets reading this, you need to go at least once to this convention. It is huge! Thousands of delegates, too many lectures to choose from and a great mix of vets from all around the world. It was such an inspirational week. Anyhow, I did get some time to explore the very neat and tidy city of Salt Lake. It has a very structured road network radiating out from the Temple Square in the centre of the city. Which means that when you finally understand it, getting around is fairly simple and much is within walking distance. As I was there a couple of weeks before Christmas the Temple Square was dotted in sparkling lights at night, and it was also impressive during the day. Those Mormons sure know how to build a nice temple! I didn’t get time to venture outside of the city, but what I did see I quite liked and there were quite a few good restaurants and bars too!

I must come back sometime and go skiing. Hopefully there will be lots of snow on my next visit!

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SLC Tips:

– Be aware that many local shops close on Sundays. Even some public transport doesn’t operate as frequently.

– Getting to and from the airport is super easy. They have a great tram system.

– The Salt Lake Film Society plays some really cool independent films

– I stayed at the Camelot Inn & Hostel. Cheap, convenient and “electronic check in” (as in you get given codes etc to access the doors are there is no staff on site)

– Utah is no longer a ‘dry’ state but most alcohol contains a lower percentage than normal.