Here are just a few photos from the short time I had in Reykjavik. It is a really cool little city with some really interesting street art, good seafood and is definitely worth a bit more time than I gave it! I only spent a little bit of time there getting the final supplies for my time on the Laugavegur Trail, checking out the Blue Lagoon and hiring a car at the end of my trip for 24 hours of mad touring around South-West Iceland!


The Blue Lagoon –  Although this is  bit touristy I really liked it! Located halfway between Reykjavik and the airport you can either get a bus there or drive there yourself. You book and pay for your ‘entry time’ and then you can stay however long you like (pre-booking is required). I recommend going for the first session of the day as you have the place mostly to yourself for the first hour! The facilities there are great and the basic entry (5400ISK) includes access to the geothermal pool, sauna, steam room and a face mask. You can upgrade your entry to include all sorts of things such as a drink, towel, massage etc.


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