“Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads” – Unknown

Not much can beat waking up to a fresh dusting of snow and cutting the first few tracks in the slopes of Mt Hotham. I was lucky enough to be doing this a few weeks ago. I am the first to admit I am not a top-notch skiier but boy is it fun and I had an absolutely brilliant time. I even made it down a double diamond black run, not in any good style or time but in one piece! Mt Hotham is smaller than the popular NSW ski resorts (Thredbo and Perisher) and is a bit trickier to get to from the northern states, but the boutique-style ski resort is worth the trip. The place has a wonderful atmosphere, the ski terrain is varied and suitable for all levels, the staff are super friendly, there are great restaurants and cafes and the Japanese-style Onsen in Dinner Plains is amazing after a hard day on the snow. It is also home to the biggest dart competition in the Southern Hemisphere and my sister has been lucky enough to work the season there!

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The nitty gritty:

  • We flew to Canberra and drove the 5ish hours to the ski resort. You can also drive from Melbourne, approx 4 hours.
  • Stock up on food before heading up the mountain as the supermarket up there is super expensive!
  • The last 24 hours fuel station coming from the north is in Myrtleford. We got caught out and had to backtrack to re-fuel.
  • Give yourself extra time to drive on and off the mountain. If there has been a lot of snow or the conditions are bad they stop traffic and only allow single lane traffic up and down the mountain which could add a significant amount of time to your trip.
  • We stayed in Dinner Plains which runs a shuttle service to the main mountain (about 20 mins). There is a baby slope here for beginners and a decent cross country skiing route.