The Battle of Gettysburg was fought over three days in July in 1863 between the Union and Confederates in the American Civil War. It is considered by many to be the pivotal point of the Civil War and you can visit the battle grounds themselves that have been mostly preserved as it was at the time of the battle. The town of Gettysburg seems completely dedicated to tourism related to the battle with every shop, restaurant and cafe displaying civil war paraphernalia. If you are interested in the Civil War it is worth a visit and it is hard to imagine the devastation and deaths that occurred on the rolling fields around the town. Visit the museum and then do a self-guided tour of the battle grounds. For me the most interesting part of the museum was how these people managed to get around, organise food, look after the horses etc with simple resources and poor infrastructure. The 360 degree cyclorama was an amazing painting but seeing all the death of people and especially horses depicted on the walls brought me to tears. A difficult place for a pacifist.

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