“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up” – Vince Lombardi

“Wowzers” is the best way to describe highschool football in the US. These kids are only 16 years old and they have a crowd of 10,000 people to come watch them play. Insane! Here in Australia you would be lucky if your parents came to watch. We watched the Reagan Ratters vs Judson Rockets at the Rutledge Stadium just outside San Antonio. The marching bands, mascots, flags and cheerleaders were so amazing I almost forgot that we were there to watch an American football game. Before the game I barely had any clue of the rules but by the end I think I had a hang of it. It was such a fun activity and so great to see how passionate the local people are about their sport! The crowd went wild when the Judson Rockets won!

If you get the chance to make it to a game, do it! You don’t need to go to a ‘big league’ game to experience the impressiveness of it. We just searched for local games online, drove to the stadium in the morning to buy tickets (about $10 each) and went back for the game in the evening.


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