“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware” – Martin Buber

Imagine yourself sitting in a natural hot spring spilling into the ruins of an old building, next to the raging Rio Grande river with Mexico on the other side. Big Bend National Park in Texas offers just that and it was by far one of my favourite experiences of the entire three month roadtrip! The park is a fair trek off the main routes but it was worth every bit of the 9 hour drive from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

It is isolated, but amazing. The nights are pitch dark and the cacti bloom in the southwestern sunshine. It is magical.

The Panther Junction Visitors Centre has a wealth of information about the park and the rangers can guide you to your preferred hike, be it through the desert, up the mountains or along the river.The easy Grapevine Hills Trail led us to the huge suspended rock. The Lost Mine Trail offered stunning views over the park and the classic Santa Elena Canyon Trail reminded me of “the wall” in Game of Thrones (minus the ice and snow).

Visit this place. Star gaze at night and enjoy the tranquility. Just do it!

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