“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it” – Confucius

The Petrified Forest National Park lies just off the I40 in northeastern Arizona. It would be so easy to drive past in a rush to get to New Mexico, but it is definitely worth a visit! And at $10 for a park pass, what is holding you back? It is easy to drive through in half a day, or give yourself more time if you want to do some of the shorter hikes.

The park is exactly what the name implies. Completely petrified! Not a live tree in sight! But it is still strangely beautiful.

It is a 52000 acre park filled with many thousand years old petrified timber chunks and an amazing geological landscape of layered silt deposits and colourful minerals.

As you exit through the north of the park you intersect part of the deserted and overgrown remnants of the infamous Route 66. Ticked that one off the bucket list!

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